Samsung 314L Bespoke Infinite Line 1 Door Freezer

Bespoke Infinite Line Door Panel:Timeless Greige

Model: RZ38B98C5AP/SS Bespoke Infinite Line 1-Door Freezer

Perfect to pair with the Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar and Fridge.

Net Capacity: 314L

Temperature Range: -23°C to -15°C

Control: LED Tunnel Lighting Backlighting Touch

Shelving: 4 (3 Fixed + 1 Sliding), 2x Drawers

Dimensions HxWxD: 1855mm x 595mm x 688mm

Weight: 125 kg

Noise: 37 db(A)

Door: Auto Open Door (Left)

Hinge: Left (115° opening)

Light: Interior LED tunnel lighting projects light in every direction, so you can see into every corner

Warranty: 2 years standard + 1 years standard (complimentary limited time promotion by WFS), 20 years compressor warranty

Made in Korea

Other features:

  • Premium exterior and interior with timeless design
  • Timeless Greige colour with a high-gloss metallic finish
  • Made from durable aluminum, it is scratch and dent resistant and is easy to wipe clean
  • Recess door handle
  • Energy-saving inverter compressor
  • Precise cooling- Preserve the freshness, flavour and texture of food for longer. Independent coolers in each compartment cool every corner evenly. Advanced insulation reduces any fluctuation, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Digital Inverter Technology also senses and controls the temperature precisely.
  • Metal Cooling
  • Auto Dual Ice Maker (Whisky Ball Ice*& Cubed Ice) with in-built sensor to ensure  replenishment
  • Power Freeze Function
  • Edge Frame: Gold Copper with architectural line 
  • WiFi Embedded: Yes
  • Energy consumption: 230kWh/year

App Connectivity: 

  • SmartThings App Support: Yes

SmartThings Cooking is part of the SmartThings App**, lets you create a list of food in your refrigerator and manage expiry dates, so you can check what you have anytime, anywhere. It also recommends personalised recipes based on your preferences and existing ingredients.

*Produces 1.2kg/day of Cubed ice and 0.4kg/day of Whisky Ball ice. Stores 1.5kg of Cubed ice and 0.4kg of Whisky Ball ice. Amount may vary depending on the actual use environment.

**Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

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