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Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle is the ONLY gas-infused device on the market that allows N2O, N2, and CO2 cartridges!

The "micro-bubbles" created by Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle give you a creamy and tantalizing sensation in your mouth. It brings your beverage drinking experience to a brand new level.

Beverages Creation Examples: Nitro Cold brew coffee/tea, Flavored Iced Coffee, Whipped cream/Milk foam, Carbonated beverages, Sparkling Water, Cocktails/Mocktails, Milkshakes, Wines Aeration & Liquor Flavor Enhancement.

Key Features

  • Customize any delicious drinks
  • Anti-leak, stays pressurised for several days
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Wide opening, easy to operate and clean
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for indoor and parties
  • Works with any food-grade N2O (8g), CO2 (8g), & N2 (2g) cartridges

Dimensions: (L)180 x (W)120 x (H)438 mm

Weight: 2.3 kg

Capacity: 1.2 L

Material Composition: 304 stainless steel, food grade silicone, food grade plastic, aluminum, Iron, low-lead environmentally friendly copper

◆Please do not use warm or hot beverages.
◆Please do not use beverages containing pulps or solids.
◆Please make sure the pressure inside the product is fully released through the dispense faucet before opening or applying a new cartridge.


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