Welcome to our curated collection of slim-profile wine fridges, designed meticulously for wine enthusiasts with an eye for both style and practicality. If you've ever struggled with limited space but didn't want to compromise on the integrity of your wine collection, you've landed in the right place.

Our wine fridges in this collection are narrow in width without sacrificing essential features. They are the epitome of space-efficient elegance, allowing you to store your wine at the optimal temperature, even in confined spaces. Perfect for smaller homes, apartments, or even for a luxurious addition to your office, these slim-profile wine fridges offer a harmonious blend of form and function.

No longer do you have to choose between sophistication and space-saving. Our slim-profile wine fridges promise to be a sleek, yet unobtrusive, addition to any room. Embrace the best of both worlds and give your wines the home they deserve. Cheers to great taste, in every sense of the word!

10 products found in Narrow Width Wine Fridges

Tecno 43 Bot Wine Chiller
  • $1,108.00
  • $955.00
Kadeka 20 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $688.00
  • $588.00
Kadeka 31 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $918.00
  • $777.00
Vintec 20 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $1,259.00
  • $869.00
Mayer 28 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $659.00
  • $429.00
Chateau 30 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $899.00
  • $729.00
Farfalla 18 Bot Thermoelectric Dual Zone Wine Chiller
  • $469.00
  • $425.00
Farfalla 18 Bot Thermoelectric Wine Chiller
  • $309.00
  • $283.00
Farfalla 24 Bot Dual Zone Wine Chiller
  • $829.00
  • $609.00
Farfalla 27 Bot Wine Chiller
  • $799.00
  • $630.00