A heated glass door is designed to maintain warmth within a space while still allowing light to pass through and visibility. This type of door typically consists of a metal frame that holds a glass pane which has heating elements either within or alongside it. The heating elements can be wires or conductive coatings that are energized to produce heat, preventing the accumulation of frost or condensation on the glass surface. This makes heated glass doors ideal for use in cold climates or in refrigeration units where visibility is crucial, but temperature control is also necessary to prevent heat loss. The control mechanism for the heat can be integrated into the door's frame or managed remotely, depending on the design and intended use.

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Brandt 54 Bot Wine Cabinet (Anti-Condensation)
  • $1,280.00
  • $1,216.00
Brandt 46 Bot Dual Zone Wine Cabinet (Anti-Condensation)
  • $1,350.00
  • $1,255.00
Brandt 171 Dual Zone Bot Wine Cabinet (Anti-Condensation)
  • $2,400.00
  • $2,280.00
Liebherr 168 Bot Wine Cabinet (Anti-Condensation)
  • $3,590.00
  • $3,230.00