Wine Serving Temperatures

Heat and cold intensifies different characteristics in wine. Heat accentuates aromas whilst too cold may accentuate a wine's acidity.

French Wines Celsius Fahrenheit
Alsace 10°C 50°F
13°C 55°F
Sweet white Bordeaux 6°C 43°F
Dry white Bordeaux 8°C 46°F
Bordeaux reds 17°C 63°F
Burgundy whites 11°C 52°F
Burgundy reds 18°C 64°F
Champagne 6°C 43°F
Languedoc-Roussillon 13°C 55°F
Provence Rosé 12°C 54°F
Savoie 9°C 48°F
Dry white Loire wines 13°C 55°F
Sweet white Loire wines 7°C 45°F
Loire reds 14°C 57°F
Rhône wine 15°C 59°F
Sweet wines from the South-West 7°C 45°F
Reds from the South-West 15°C 59°F
Australian Wines
Cabernet franc 16°C 61°F
Cabernet sauvignon 17°C 63°F
Chardonnay 10°C 50°F
Merlot 17°C 63°F
Muscat à petit grain 6°C 43°F
Pinot noir 15°C 59°F
Sauvignon blanc 8°C 46°F
Semillon 8°C 46°F
Shiraz 18°C 64°F
Verdhelo 7°C 45°F
Other wines
Californie 16°C 61°F
Chilean 15°C 59°F
Spanish 17°C 63°F
Italian 16°C 61°F
Ginjoshudaiginjoshujunmai daiginjoshu and unpasteurized namazake



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