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Liebherr 12 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $2,490.00
  • $1,999.00
Mayer 28 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $399.00
  • $359.00
Vintec 35 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $1,099.00
  • $853.00
Kadeka 45 Dual Zone Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $1,488.00
  • $1,099.00
Kadeka 54 Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $1,488.00
  • From $1,380.00
Kadeka 151 Dual Zone Bot Wine Cabinet
  • $2,858.00
  • $2,360.00
Mayer 155 Bot Dual Zone Wine Cabinet
  • $3,299.00
  • $2,198.00
EuroCave 220 Bot Wine Cabinet Pure
  • $8,600.00
  • From $8,514.00

Best Seller

Forget condensation. Go solid.


Explore Liebherr's Vinidor Multi-Temperature Wine Cabinets.

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EuroCave Royale

"Quite simply because it represents the best we can offer our customer in terms of performance, durability and aesthetics"

-Pascal Marchand, CEO, EuroCave Group

EuroCave Royale
EuroCave Premium Shelves

Wine 101

How much wine is appropriate to pour in a glass? How can you avoid drips? What does it mean to "prime" a glass? These questions and more are answered in this 2-minute tutorial!

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