Wine Chiller Repairs


Before deciding whether you should go for a repair or for a brand new fridge, consider the following:

1. Is your current chiller still under warranty? If yes, please look for your original seller and enquire accordingly. If you can't find your original seller, look for the manufacturer directly here.

2. If your chiller is out of warranty, are they facing the following issues?

Not cold- broken compressor -cost of repair usually range from $800-$1100

Thermostat/LED panel faulty- cost of repair usually range from $400-$600

All repair request requires a site visit to inspect & identify the issue (cost $85)

Consider the cost of repair vs a new fridge.

If your wine chiller is out of warranty and you would like to request a site visit for repairs, please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly after receiving your response.