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Building a custom walk-in or open door wine cellar in Singapore is becoming common in Singapore. We at WineFridge SG have gone thru our own process and realized service and pricing variers. If you're considering a custom made wine cellar, we would love the opportunity to help and provide a free proposal with exceptional service and all questions answered.

*Limited offer: All requests for proposals will qualify for a pair of Riedel wine glass set of choice(retail value up to $100).

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Here's a list of Q&A.

Q: How much does a custom wine cellar cost?

A: We've seen costs range from $15k+ for a open door custom build wine fridge, and upwards of $30k+ for a walk-in cellar. On average most custom wine cellars cost between $50k-100k depending on finishing and materials.

Q: Are there any minimum sizes to consider?

A: Yes, depth would ideally be at least 700mm to allow the fan coil to fit for an open door custom built wine fridge. And at least 100+sq ft for a wine cellar.

Q: Are there maintenance required regular servicing?

A: Yes, similar to air-conditioners, to ensure optimal performance and regular cleaning, servicing is done every 6 months and costs vary from $200-500 depending on size and number of compressors.

Q: What is the warranty period?

A: 1 year on all parts. Generally we note most issues begin to show if any within the first month. If not, with regular servicing and checks, every 2-4 years basic repairs may be required/top up of gas. Generally the compressor would be the last component to spoil.

Q: How long does it take to build a wine cellar? May I build it after I've constructed my house?

A: 8 weeks to 16 weeks depending on complexity and requirements. Yes, we've installed wine cellars after a house is built, however additional paintwork may be required. It is ideal to connect early in the design phase to allow your Interior Designer to factor us the necessary space and plan work schedules to include the wine cellar.

Q: What is the engagement process look like at Wine Fridge?

A: We listen, we understand your requirements. With our years of experience, and strategic partnerships, we will provide you a very competitive quote. And also list a few other competitors if you so wish you obtain additional quotations for comparison.

There are two major components. Cold room and carpentry to consider. A cold room is required to be build, 6 walls, around the enclosed space. And a industrial cold compressor required to obtain 12C. An air conditioner is not able to obtain such temperatures, and without proper insulation, your walls or glass may sweat from condensation. The second component is interior design, lighting, flooring and walls which will add to the finishing touches. We've seen customers go basic with off-the-shelf racking. And this type of finishing can be achieved too.

After understanding your requirements, we will provide a quotation within 3 working days.


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WhatsApp +65-8875-4638