Dry Ager DX0500PS

Style:Shelf Only
Warranty:Manufacturer's Warranty (1 year)

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The maturing of meat, one of the oldest techniques in the field of meat processing. It gives the meat the highest possible quality with a soft and intense taste.

The Dry Ager aging cabinet takes this old technique to a new level. It combines craftsmanship with high-tech, which guarantees the quality of the meat. The new 4th Generation model with SmartAging technology where you only need to select the appropriate Dry Aging program via the new control system directly.

  • Insulated and tinted glass door
  • Constant temperature of 2 °, constant humidity of 85%
  • The patented AirReg system that monitors the perfect air flow
  • A carbon filter and active UVC ventilation disinfection against the formation of germs and bacteria
  • A technology that minimizes the weight loss of the product
  • No water supply required
  • Modern and timeless design
  • In addition to ripening beef, the maturing cabinet can also be used for many other applications such as producing processed meats, air drying of ham, storing cheese ...

These aging cabinets are made for use by restaurants, artisanal meat suppliers and the enthusiastic "Home foodie". 4th Generation with SmartAging technology.

  • External Dimensions HxWxD: 905 x 600 x 610 mm
  • Internal Dimensions HxWxD: 712 x 490 x 437 mm 
  • Content: Gross: 155 liters
  • Net capacity: 134 liters
  • Maximum capacity: 2 beef saddles up to a length of 0.5 meters or up to 20 kg of meat on the shelves
  • Temperature range: electronically adjustable in 0.1 °C steps: 0 °C to 30 °C
  • Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz/ 2A
  • 1 year warranty (Optional additional 2 years covered by WFS for $99 only)
  • Made in Germany


  • Shelf only set includes 1x shelf(DX0026) and 1x bottom shelf(DX0028).
  • Shelf + Salt set includes 1x Saltair Himalaya Salt 2 Block Set(DX0058), 1x Saltair Tray Stainless Steel(DX0075), 1x shelf(DX0026), 1x bottom shelf(DX0028).
  • Hanger + Salt Set includes Hanger(DX0013), 2x Turning Hook Stainless Steel(DX0095), 1x Saltair Himalaya Salt 2 Block Set(DX0058), 1x Saltair Tray Stainless Steel(DX0075), 1x shelf(DX0026), 1x bottom shelf(DX0028)

Smart Aging

Unique and only in the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge! Thanks to the integrated SmartAging® technology, meat, ham, fish, sausage, cheese, herbs, pasta, and much more can be easily aged or dried at the touch of a button. Dry aging has never been so easy and safe.

Disinfected every minute.

Dangerous bacteria and germs don’t stand a chance. The DX 500 Premium S has an active UVC sterilization box that completely disinfects the entire air mass in the Dry Aging Fridge at least 1x per minute. The activated carbon filter additionally cleans the incoming air. The inner container is made of antibacterial material and features a sophisticated design that ensures easy cleaning. A SmartAging® pre-cleaning program ensures perfect initial hygienic conditions after each aging cycle.

Precise regulation 

The intelligent control system of the Premium S models allows temperatures from 0 to +30 °C as well as humidity values between 40 and 90%, each electronically controllable, of course. Automatically with the SmartAging® programs or in manual mode. A water connection or tank is not necessary thanks to HumiControl.

Low weight loss
The weight loss in the DRY AGER® is surprisingly small!
Beef loses only about 7% to 8% after 4 weeks on the bone and only about 12% after 6 weeks. After 3 weeks, pork will only lose around 9% to 10% in weight.

Maximum flexibility
DRY AGER® is not limited to dry aging beef, but can also be used for the production of meat products, air-drying ham and many other types of meat and for storing various cheeses.

Perfect UV protection
To protect the valuable content against harmful UV light, the Dry ager has an elegant stainless steel frame with insulating door made of tinted glass (metallized).

Specs Sheet

Instructions Manual

Cleaning Manual

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