Grassl Vigneron Series "Decanter"

Style:Without Stopper

Grassl's Vigneron Series Decanter is compact, ultralight, versatile, and easy to clean. Its cold-cut rim allows the glass to be sealed to a non-porous condition and ensures a smooth delivery from the decanter to the glass. The steep passage between the widest part of the decanter allows a smooth pour and is easy to clean.

The widest part of the decanter will be the level of a 0.75L pour to allow aeration to be most effective. One can hold the decanter by the base grip to pour, whilst it is designed to increase the overall volume.

It has a classic shape to aerate young and old wines. The perfect decanter to complete your Grassl Glass collection.

Wine Style: Aeration for white, rose & red wines

Height: 230 mm

Diameter: 150 mm

Volume: 1000 ml

Tuned for: Aeration, Separating Sediments


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