Liebherr 75 Bot Dual Zone Monolith Wine Cabinet

Style:Panel Ready

Model: EWT 9175 Built-in multi-temperature wine cabinet

Possible Side-by-Side combinations*:

EGN 9171 & EKB 9471 & EWT 9175

EGN 9171 & EKB 9671 & EWT 9175

EGN 9271 & EKB 9471 & EWT 9175

EGN 9271 & EKB 9671 & EWT 9175

Pair the Monolith wine cabinet with any refrigerator and freezer available in this premium series.

Capacity: 232L

Temperature Range: 5°C to 20°C

Control: 3.5" LCD colour display, touch and swipe

Activated Charcoal Filter: Yes

Shelving: 9 Aluminium trimmed beech wood telescopic shelves

Dimensions HxWxD:  2126 x 450 x 610 mm

Cut out dimensions HxWxD:  2134 x 457 x min 635 mm

Weight: 133 kg

Door: Insulated Glass Door. Panel ready or stainless steel panel as accessory **

Hinge: Left(Reversible)

Light: Illuminated LED sidewall, dimmable, permanently activated

Malfunction: Optical and acoustical warning signal

Door Alarm: Audible door alarm alert if opened >60 seconds

Noise: 42 dB(A)

Warranty: 2 years

Made in Austria

Other Features

  • InfinityBoard: A unique design of the Monolith wine cabinet, the InfinityBoard can be pulled out to hold bottles while organising your wine collection. Serve guests with ease while keeping bottles right where they belong.
  • InfinityLight emits less heat to preserve food quality. LED side-wall lighting casts an even glow that can be adjusted to your liking. Comes with a pleasing night dimming feature.
  • Energy consumption: 156 kWh/a
  • Connection rating: 1.5 A
  • Forced air cooling
  • Soft System

*Side-by-side kit – A SBS kit is required when there is a spacing of less than 102 mm between appliances. Includes a side wall heater to prevent condensation, metal brackets with screws, and a finishing strip (approx. 6-8 mm) to fill the gap between the appliances.

**For Stainless steel panel add-on, you may choose your preferred handles here and indicate in checkout notes.

***Please note: despite careful data management, we reserve the right to make technical changes; and discrepancies may occur between the image or text content and the original appliance.

Spec Sheet

Monolith Design Planning Guide

Assembly and Installation Instructions

Operating Instructions

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