SANTUS Andante Uno Pro

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Model: Andante Uno Pro + 2 x Oxygen Absorber Filter Cartridge

Capacity: 1 bottle 

Temperature Range: 10°C-18°C adjustable on the app/ preset 10°C or 15°C manual adjustment (Actual chamber temperature will depend on the surrounding temperature where Andante is displayed.)

Dimensions HxWxD: 495mm x 200mm x 157mm

Wine Bottle Height: 295 - 320 mm / 11.6 - 12.5 in*

Wine Bottle Max diameter: 80 mm / 3.14 inches*

Product Weight: 3.6 kg

Packaging Weight: 7.2 kg

Warranty: 1 year carry in warranty to service center 

Packaging Includes:

Andante Uno Pro
1 x Wine Stopper
2 x Oxygen Absorber Filter Cartridge (One filter cartridge can preserve about 7 full bottles of wine) - Limited Promotion
4 x Food Grade Silicone Dispenser Tube
1 x 100v – 220v Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

This system allows you to store and preserve an open bottle at an ideal serving temperature by filtering out the oxygen in the bottle to as low as 0.1%, and oxidation of the wine is slowed down considerably, giving you more time to savor. The innovative air extraction system ensures that your wine is protected from risk of oxidation up to a maximum of 14 days after it has been opened.

*Andante is designed to support most standard 750ml Bordeaux wine bottle sizes. Taller wine bottles like those of Riesling, sparkling and champagne, and oversized Burgundy bottles will not fit.

General Cleaning

It is recommended to "clean" the machine between bottles of wine if you are concern with inter-mixing of tastes, although the amount of wine within the Andante is kept to the very minimum. Fill an empty wine bottle with water and dispense it just like you do with wine and this will do the trick.

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