Farfalla 18 Bot Thermoelectric Dual Zone Wine Chiller


Model: FWC-JC53

Capacity: 18 bottles

Temperature Range: 12-18°C/ 8°C - 18°C (Subject to ambient room temperature)

Control: Digital

Body: Black

Shelving: 7 wooden racks

Dimensions HxWxD: 930mm x 257mm x 524mm

Weight: 18.6kg

Door: Dual-layer glass door

Hinge: Right

Noise: 38 db(A) Quiet

Warranty: 1 year parts, 2 year service

Made in China

Thermoelectric Wine Fridges are quieter and vibration free and environmentally friendlier when compared with regular vapour compressor units requiring hazardous refrigerants. They are however limited in cooling capacity, but perfect for red wines at recommended ~13-18C.

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