Wine Emotion 4 Bottles Back Bar Wine Dispenser – Quattro Easy

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The Quattro Easy model, designed to accommodate four bottles, is ideal for pouring wine by the glass in bars, restaurants, and cellars with tasting. A model designed for use on the counter or behind the counter for commercial establishments, but also for private use, ideal for connoisseurs. Ease of use and a design with attention to the smallest detail, contribute to making this model an exclusive solution.

Designed to preserve, refrigerate and dispense wines directly from the bottle to the glass, our wine dispensers guarantee the best quality of the wine product. The introduction of inert gases into the bottle (a separate add-on here), Nitrogen or Argon, allows the air to escape and thus prevents oxidation of the wine. For about four weeks, the taste and aromas remain unchanged and each glass is served in the ideal condition to enhance the quality of the product. Nitrogen and Argon are inert, colorless, and tasteless food-grade gases.

1. New Wine Tap Technology

The latest version of our Wine Tap will serve the purpose of preserving and pouring wine without altering the taste even better, with a new motorized pump that cleans all the residues from the nozzle. This will improve wine preservation and dispenser reliability.

2. Gas Spring Pistons

Easy means “easy to use”. The gas spring pistons with “push-push” technology allow you to lower the pistons with just one push and push again to engage the bottle.

3. Easy Interface

The dispensers in the “Easy” line all feature a new simplified and easy-to-learn interface. Commands are simple and intuitive with all the main information at a glance.

4. Innovative cooling system.

Silent, reliable and powerful, the new cooling system will keep your wines at the right temperature.

5. Front air intakes

The new design with the frontal airflow allows heat to escape from the front vents and allows for it to be built into cabinets/ under counter.


Temperature: 6°C to 22°C (Single Zone)

Dimensions HxWxD: 632mm x 528mm x 398mm

Pours: Up to three pour volumes through high quality mechanical buttons

Door: Glass doors are treated with a special coating that reduces condensation.

Lock: Electronic door lock and PIN lock for buttons

Lights: White LED

Weight: 42kg

Warranty: 2 years local warranty

Made in Italy

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