Zieher Eddy Decanter


Inside the ”Eddy” decanter, the wines pass a development in taste and structure by circulating and with manifold swirls in a timelapse. Within seconds, the wine experiences respiration, which normally can only be reached in a decanting process of several hours. In an interplay with light and the contained wine, they create also visually interesting colour reflections and almost graphic effects.

The volume of this respirator has been dimensioned in a way that, with a filling of up to 1.5 liters, the extension of the wine’s surface becomes as large as possible. Due to the flattened bottom, the decanter stands safely and straight, the enclosed collar made of matt black silicone also allows an inclined positioning. The optionally available drying rack facilitates the reverse positioning of the wet decanter and provides for quick drying. 

Volume: 2.3 L

Diameter: 17 cm

Height: 35 cm

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