140L Cigar Humidor


Availability: Made to Order (3-4months)

Brand: EuroCave

Model: EuroCave CC064T

Cooling Technology: R600A Compressor

Dimensions: 95cm(H) x 65.4cm(W) x 68.9cm(D)

Effective Capacity: 1000 Cigars

Beech Wooden Shelves: 1 * Tray + 2 * Drawers + 1/2 Fixed Shelf

Door Frame & Handle: Smart stainless steel (reduces visibility of finger marks, easy to clean)

Door: Piano Black Solid Door or Glass

Door Open: Audible warning signal

Malfunction: Warning signal (optical and acoustical)

Internal Lights: Lighting of upper cigars(2 amber LEDs)

Temperature Range: 9-18°C

Humidity Range: 65-75% RH

Sound Emission: 38dB(A)

Weight: 65 Kg

Warranty: 2 years warranty

*Use only distilled water(not tap water) for humidors. Tap water may leave mineral deposits and contain chlorine which will clog the humidifier's pores and inhibit operation. Chemicals in regular tap water can taint the cigar quality and affect taste.

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