Mountain Decanter and Pitcher Set

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The Mountain Decanter and Pitcher Set made of crystal glass sounds like a beautiful and elegant choice. Crystal glass is known for its clarity, brilliance, and light-refracting properties, making it an excellent material for showcasing the intricate details of the design.  Capturing the beauty of nature-inspired design, this set is a luxurious addition to any home bar or a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate both fine craftsmanship and the allure of the mountains.

Mountain Decanter: The centerpiece of the set is a stunning decanter in the shape of a mountain peak. The decanter has a multi-faceted design, mimicking the jagged edges and slopes of a majestic mountain. The crystal glass creates a mesmerizing effect as the decanter catches and reflects the surrounding ambience. The mountain-shaped spout aerates the wine further as it is poured into the decanter, splitting the wines into 12 different flows before landing on the base. 

Material  Lead free crystal glass with double filter stainless steel cap
Capacity 1.6L
Height 23cm
Diameter 19cm


Pitcher: The set would also include a matching crystal glass pitcher. Drink clean filtered water with this pitcher as it is completed with a filter cap, ensuring you drink uncontaminated water. The design prevents dust from entering and allows easy pouring for a precise, controlled flow. The big capacity also allows for easy cleaning and the option to add fruits or ice. 

Material  Lead free crystal glass with food grade stainless steel silicone cap
Capacity 1150mL
Temperature Withstand -10~80°C

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