Vinaera Pro Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator

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The World's First Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator! 

An on-tap design that is easy to use. Built-in electronic air pressure system, you only need to put the device into the wine bottle and with one-touch, it will dispense fully aerated wine at 1 ounce (28.5ml) every 2 seconds. 

Same effect as a decanter with instant aeration and the level of your choice. This innovative design can let the consumer decide the aeration time that best suit their tastes, instantly with a turn of a dial.

Vinaera Pro runs on battery power (6  AAA - not included) and adjusts to suit any wine and your taste preferences. This elegant, electronic wine aerator is an impressive innovation in the world of good wines.

Vinaera Pro does not only work with red or white wine. It is also suitable for whisky, brandy, chinese white wine and other distilled liquor.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable aeration function
  • Stainless-steel telescoping tube is suitable for 0.75/1.5L wine bottles
  • Built-in sediment filter
  • Designed for assembly, easy to carry

*Includes 1-year warranty

Main Body: L122mm x W57mm x H148mm
Telescoping Stainless Tube: 135mm ~ 335mm

Weight: 220g
Material: ABS/ Silicone/ Stainless/ Pump


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