Winesave Champagne Stopper


Strong Leak-Proof Sparkling Wine Preserver – Keeps The Fizz In Your Bubbly & Safe For Sideways Bottle Storage – 

  • EASILY RESEAL ANY SPARKLING WINE – Reusable wine bottle stopper corks are ideal for the beach, picnics or at home
  • NO LEAKS, NO SPILLS – Unique leakproof cap design expands in the bottle neck and locks in place creating an airtight rubber closure seal, even when laying bottles on their side
  • EASY TO USE PUSH & LOCK MECHANISM – Simply insert the plastic bottle topper crown, push lever to re-cork and lock, lift top to open and release corker
  • EVER WANTED JUST THE ONE GLASS OF BUBBLES - NEVER WASTE CHAMPAGNE AGAIN – Guaranteed to maintain bottle pressure this airtight wine keeper & preserver is an ideal sparkling wine saver

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