Zieher Pebble Decanter


“Pebble” is made of high-grade lead-free crystal glass.The handblown decanter in classical shape results from the high craftsmanship of experienced glassblowers. The shaping of the neck, the bell-bottomed body, and the three dents, integrated in the bottom, already provide a maximisation of the surface during the pouring. Thus the maximum possible contact with oxygen and at the same time a mild development of the wine can be achieved. 

Furthermore, the three bulges at the bottom provide a wiggle-free and safe stand. The diagonal cut of the neck and the accurate polish of the raw edges minimize the formation of drops while pouring out. The optionally available drying rack made of massive stainless steel facilitates the drying of the decanters after rinsing. Non-skid rubber caps ensure a safe stand.

Volume: 1.8 L

Diameter: 20 cm

Height: 30 cm

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