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Liebherr Accessories:Presentation Wood Shelf

Liebherr Shelves

Presentation Wood Shelf

The robust presentation shelf is handcrafted from untreated wood to provide extra storage and is ideal for storing your favourite bottles or presenting bottles in an appealing way. The wooden shelf can be inserted in the wine appliance at various heights. The practical presentation shelf fulfils bottle storage as well as presentation; which will certainly impress.

To suit WKb 1712/4112/4612/4611/ WKgb 4113 models only.

Regular Beech Wood Shelf

The sturdy, handcrafted shelves, made from untreated wood, are ideal for safely storing Bordeaux bottles. Positioning the bottles in opposite directions on the shelves permits full use of the appliance’s capacity. Additional wooden shelves are available as accessories.

Additional beech wood shelves can be purchased for a Barrique wine cellar.
Price is per shelf.

To suit WKb 1712/4112/4612/4611/ WKgb 4113 models only.

Shelf to Store Wine Upright

These sturdy and handcrafted shelf that's made of untreated wood is the perfect shelf if you're looking to showcase your wines upright. 

For WKb 4112/4612/4611 and WTes 5872/5972 models only.

Liebherr Filters

The integrated FreshAir Activated Charcoal Filter cleans the circulating air and quickly binds unpleasant odours. It is easy to replace and ensures optimum air quality. Best changed once every 12 months. Contains 2 pieces of charcoal filters per box.

FreshAir Charcoal Filter for Wine Cabinets

Compatible Models: WKt 6451, WKb 4212, WKes 4552, WKr 4211, WTes 5872, WTes 5972, WKgb 4113, WKb 4612, WKb 4112, WKb 4611, WKb 1712, WKEes 553

FreshAir Charcoal Filter for BluPerformance & Monolith Series

Compatible Models: SBSes 8486, SBSbs 8673, SBSes 8484, SBSes 8673, EKB 9471, EKB 9671, CNef 4315

FreshAir Charcoal Filter for Built-in Wine Cabinets

Compatible Models: UWTes 1672, UWKes 1752, UWTgb 1682, EWTdf 3553, EWTdf 1653

FreshAir Charcoal Filter for Lifestyle Models

Compatible Models: WKes 653, ZKes 453


*Images are for illustrative purposes only. Visuals may vary depending on the models.

**We recommend at most 1-2 extra shelves only to maximize the number of wines you can store in your wine fridge. You can check here for our guide on Bottle Sizes and Storage Capacity.

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