Riedel have a glass for everyone. So, what's your wine drinking style? Ouverture is for the UNCOMPLICATED DRINKER:

You enjoy a glass of vino with friends and family or at the end of a long day, but at the bar, you're more of a "red or white" person than an "I'll have the 2006 Pinot Noir". For you, wine is simple. You know what you like and what you don't like, and you don't need it to be any more complicated than this. And who cares if your version of wine exploration means going to the Shiraz section of the bottle shop and picking something with an eye-catching label? It's how you found that great new winery you're going to visit on your next wine region trip with friends!

Ouverture glasses are designed on the principle of simplicity, perfect from family dinner to dinner party. Practical, durable, and good-looking.

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Riedel Ouverture Magnum/Red Wine/Champagne (Pay 9 Get 12)
  • $308.00
  • $256.00

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Riedel Ouverture Magnum (x6) + Apple Decanter (x1) Gift Set
  • $169.00
Riedel Ouverture Beer (Set of 2)
  • $68.00
  • $50.00
Riedel Ouverture Champagne Glass (Set of 2)
  • $68.00
  • $53.00
Riedel Ouverture Red Wine (Set of 2)
  • $68.00
  • $50.00